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25 Years of Success

Founded and headed by Eng. Tarek Shoukry, an archetypal businessman, and an icon in modern construction. Arabia Group Developments, with a 25 years portfolio always on the rise, has established itself as a highly successful and reputable property investment and development company in both in Egypt and the UAE. Arabia Group works to increase the value of its property portfolio through applying the latest technology and construction material, and sales. Arabia Group also represents golden standards in construction, Chairman Eng. Tarek Shoukry, was awarded from the Egyptian Government to be “The Most Committed Real Estate Developer of the year 212”.


Our Property Management team focuses on creating and maintaining a comfortable, safe and usable environment for each of our clients.


Every client is assigned a property manager who is committed to managing a space that works for you. Your property manager will be on-site often, supported by a team of maintenance managers and a mobile maintenance team.

We take care of everything, from landscaping to identifying energy efficiencies.



Our focus on preventive maintenance ensures more efficient operation with less interruption of service. We identify potential issues and address them immediately. One of the greatest compliments we receive is clients not having to call; we've already taken care of any issue.


We think of ourselves as an extension of your team, and work to build a strong relationship with each of our clients. In doing so, we truly understand what is important to you and how to best meet your business needs.


Once significant construction of a building is complete, Arabia Group’s team continues to provide expert leadership and support. Our post-construction phase includes operational and maintenance staff training and warranty review.

Our experience and proficiency in post-construction services has proven to be an invaluable commodity to our clients. It’s one of the key factors why clients return to us for their construction needs time and time again. Arabia Group provides the much needed resources to help clients maintain their facilities long after our staff has left the job site.