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Purchasing or renting office space as a business is a lot like purchasing one’s home. It comes with great feelings of pride and achievement. When looking to buy office space however, there are a number of factors that need to be carefully thought through.

Office space has to be worthy of a productive business. Arabia Group strives to offer Cairo based businesses a wide range of choice. This then allows companies to tick the appropriate boxes when looking for office space to buy.

·        Location (reputation, business hub, clientele)

·        Access to main roads and highways

·        Quality of the development

·        Measure of Air quality

·        Size of office space (space to grow number of employees)

·        Sustainable (Green rating)

Companies looking for office space to buy or rent can easily overlook certain any of these aspects. Purchasing or renting the office space means that it is a lot more difficult to relocate should the area, size, etc. not be suitable in the future. Arabia Group assists small, medium and large businesses in finding the right office space that matches the unique requirements each business may have.

New Cairo is one of the booming new cities in Egypt with everyday new residential projects on the rise. Egypt’s economy growth created the need for high-tech, well designed office buildings and Arabia Group was keen to use the group long, rich experience inside and outside Egypt in transferring this know-how locally by delivering 5 luxurious business buildings. Started construction in 2009, the buildings have been carefully designed to the very last detail and include generous technical specifications. They are all located in 90 and North 90 roads in New Cairo.

Arabia Group has dedicated a total Area of 22,000 square meters, very well equipped for any corporation to move and have a readymade headquarters office. Arabia Group is proudly guaranteeing all business designs covering all technical aspects needed to the very last detail.


Arabia Office Building-48 is built on 26,000 m2